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I saw Albert Nobbs (a period movie) with a couple of friends the other night.  Its based off of a 1918 story by George Moore and is about a a woman passing as a man in order to work as a waiter and survive in 19th century Ireland...and about how harsh and brutal conditions were both in the time period and in Ireland.

In the movie itself, America is referenced countless time as a dream place of opportunity.

The movie itself had a quiet pacing, that very much felt like it was from another time period, as many modern movies move fast and quick in an effort to flash! and entertain! short attention spans.  This movie slowed down and focused intensely on small movements, little facial expressions, and tics of its characters.  The main character of Albert Nobbs, was fully drawn, but so were the doctor, and the women who helped run the hotel where Albert worked, and even other side characters that came in and upset Albert's world view.

Glenn Close played Albert, a part she first performed on Broadway over 30 years ago...and she was tremendously good; which both helped and hurt the film at the same time, because Albert the character was awkward with a side of awkward on the side; it wasn’t always comfortable to watch.

To take from a review from the San Francisco Chronicle

 "There is an undeniable ick factor, borne in part by Close's viability and detailed and strong acting. If she weren't so good in the role, Albert might be easier to take, but as it stands, she is a convincing, mysterious and, to be honest, repellent person, one who is alert to others in a way that would freak people out."

Still a good movie, and one I would recommend for a quiet bit of something..


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