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I just got back from Radiant. In that game I play a priest, but it surprised me when someone referred to me as a healer this weekend; as it doesn't really mesh completely with the character. I do heal, but it's not my primary schtick and as I almost never play healers, it's not how I think of any of my characters, so it caught me off-guard.

I see the priests in the Radiant world setting in a different light than healing, probably one closer to paladin, fighters with a some healing (or maybe just my type of priest really, if I ever reach Honor Rank 2, I am very likely to go Mystic); I know there are other priests in game who are more healing intensive or play on different aspects of that genre.

Personally, if I had wanted to be a powerful primary healer I would have become a shukenja. They have a better build set for it in some ways.

After a conversation with one of another house this morning (while packing up during court), I really believe the shukenja may be the unsung heroes of the game. They have an ability to transfer parts of their energy to others, thus they are always propping up someone else to make them look cool. They're key players behind the scenes- Giving the wujan more fire, or the bushi more armor. I'm not sure they get enough recognition.

I missed out on court itself, as I needed to get off site quickly, and it was the only time I could sneak my car in to pick up my heavier items, without
wrecking game atmosphere. I tried lugging stuff to the car by hand before then, but it was flaring my wrists, and there was too much going on to ask anyone else to help.

My original plans to leave earlier on and come back were changed due to when one or two modules were running, and really when wisely pointed out the extra driving time etc. involved, and the logisitics of getting stuff to the car.

I think I am quite larped out for awhile.


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