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The concert last night of Elvis Costello with Emmy Lou Harris was amazing. Major thanks to [ profile] farwing for organizing going to the show.

I hadn't heard a lot of either's more recent music, but most of it kicked ass. I've also always had mixed feelings about Elvis Costello's voice. It's incredibly robust but I caught a performance of his on-air at one point where it was strained and I didn't know how good he'd be live. He actually sounds much better live than on most of his recordings and I think the live show tipped me over the scale into liking some of his stuff I was only iffy about previously.

He did a bunch of his old classics, including Watching the Detectives, What's so Funny about Peace Love and Understanding, Pump It Up, and this cool medley which included Allison, which is the song that initially really hooked me into Elvis' stuff and still one of my favorites.

Emmy Lou Harris was a solid and wonderful performer. I was really not incredibly familiar with her or her voice which has a strained sort of whispy southern quality to it. She and Elvis blended beautifully together, the distincitve traits of each voice complementing the other and adding to it, to the point that I think I perferred their duets to anything else. She did a brief bout of alone time on the stage, and I am going to have to look up some more of her music. They sang a whole slew of songs together, including a Dead cover, which made farwing's father rather happy.

They did a cover of Master's Bouquet (which seems to be a Hank Williams Sr. and Kitty Wells song) that was just amazing. They kept doing song after song, long after the time I thought an encore was over.

Also as [ profile] farwing pointed out "Elvis added a line to "Scarlet Tide," which is already a fairly powerful ant-war song: "Admit you lied and bring the boys back home" and the entire place broke out in applause."

A really just an amazing concert. The way the voices blended, the guitar work, the backup performers (all really talented and solid), the quality of the singing, was excellent. I left being willing to see this same show agaim, wanting to see it again. They played a good 3 hours, without an opening band, with no intermission.

I totally Elvis Costello.

The venue was the Bank of America Pavilion and there was a nice breeze coming off of the water last night. After the concert, We walked back towards South Station, eschewing the earlier T stops for the beautiful night air.

Edit: Just figured out thet Elvis also did another Hank Williams Sr. song (Why Don't You Love Me Like You Used to Do?).


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