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I find myself unexpectedly free today/tonight - anything going on?

Other than that, today is Madrigal props, cleaning, general chores, and maybe some drum practice. :)
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] ravensgrace !
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] cristovau  and [ profile] kaytebell , and happy early birthday to [ profile] mendoza  and [ profile] canissum , who advance a year on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

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Apr. 7th, 2010 09:16 am
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Rare wombat attack in Australia : Basic story man who survived bush fires was living in a trailer as his house was rebuilt; He stepped outside the trailer and seems to have stepped on an already cranky wombat who was suffering with mange.  Was attacked, and managed to kill the wombat with an axe he found during the struggle.  Seriously sounds like a scene from a horror movie.
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I believe I mentioned this before - but the Brandeis' Festival of Larps is still looking for players. Thanks to [ profile] captainecchi , a nice summary of what games need players and the descriptions of those games can be found here.
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7 Virtues was fun - though I needed more Gatoraide during the event; team brought some but it was G2 and a quick double check during the event of it proved I couldn't drink it (damn you Sucralose!)

Lots of quick thoughts:

-Playing with oakenguy as my brother was quite fun - we did a lot of little riffs off each other; and the fact that Valdis thinks she's at the school to look after him, and Donal quite clearly thinks he's there to keep her out of trouble is going to be quite fun.

-Our family dynamics and all the related daddy issues are proving to be hilarious to play out.  IPlus we've found other brother/sister teams to commiserate with in game, which proved to be quite fun.

-Favorite line of this "I'd rather have you choose a tattoo to put on my body, then ask daddy about that"

-Having only just recently met my half brother Labhras, to discover that a Fallen wants to beat us up, so she can give him a black rose.  Yeah, that lead to some interesting conversations. :P

Read more... )Overall a fun time, and great people to interact with.  I think I may have blundered something last night slight ly with sleep deprivation and running about -- but I suspect a quick letter may fix that.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] klee39 !
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Nifty little thing learned today - those silly little resort/area attraction maps you see in places like Kittery, are available online at
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Unusual arctic goo on the ocean near Alaska - No one is quite sure what it is, except that its probably organic in nature

"It's pitch black when it hits ice and it kind of discolors the ice and hangs off of it," Brower said. He saw some jellyfish tangled up in the stuff, and someone turned in what was left of a dead goose -- just bones and feathers -- to the borough's wildlife department."

Okay, that just sounds like the beginning of a horror movie...(it's not actually eating the geese though, it was just brought in covered in goo).

It also reminds me vaguely of the Dark Water in the Pirates of Dark Water  - which I'm still sad was never finished.  Plus Tim Curry was one of the voice actors - how can you beat that?

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There's nothing quite like music to lift you up and pick up your spirits.  I find this to be especially true for live music.

Years ago, when I lived in Amherst and then Northampton, my friend [ profile] jandrewworld introduced me to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, a couple of days of live music in the Berkshires just over the NY/CT/MA border.  

I haven't gone in awhile, but every year at this time, I find myself invariably thinking about the festival - sitting in the summer sun, listening to music, eating latkes, and finding some of the best new artists in folk music around.  Its because of Falcon Ridge and Andy, that I became a fan of Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer (who often performed there), fell in love with Erin McKeown's music, and gained an appreciation for Janis Ian.  It is in short , a great music festival.  

I'm thinking about going again this year- as its been too long - the festival is July 23rd-26th, and camping space is available on site. I don't think I want to go for the whole 4 day she-bang, but I may either day trip it or head out for a day or two.  If anyone else is interested, please let me know.  Conversely, if anyone has plans to go and wouldn't mind me tagging along - please drop me a line. :)

Its been a long time since I spent a day in a summer field listening to live music and hanging out with friends.  I miss it.
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 By all accounts, the new Transformers 2 movie is horrible.  I will however fully support movies like this if it will bring me more random gizmos like this and this.
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Happy Birthday to [personal profile] stevie_stever and [ profile] dulcinbradbury !
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Happy Birthday to [personal profile] kumir_k9 & [profile] erik_j_meyer !  May it be an amazing one, and an amazing year!
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Happy Birthday to the wonderful [ profile] silverhare !
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Sometimes I am not so good with the planning....actually strike that - I had a plan but for a variety of reasons (mostly timing, computer issues, and work logistics) it fell through recently.  So I posted awhile back about going to see Pirates at the Huntington Theatre Company - and then life got hectically busy.  So, I still would like to go - I'm leaning towards Monday the 25th at 7:30, as there are still good seats and a good number available then, later in the month is also do-able though if only a few people are interested.  I could potentially make anytime next week work. Ping me if you're interested and we can discuss off LJ. (Fwiw,The weekday shows are generally at 7:30 and Friday & Saturday at 8 pm).
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Maine legalizes same sex marriage

" Same-sex marriage became legal in Maine on Wednesday as Gov. John Baldacci signed a bill less than an hour after the state legislature approved it.

"I have come to believe that this is a question of fairness and of equal protection under the law and that a civil union is not equal to civil marriage," said Baldacci, a Democrat.

But he raised the possibility that the residents of the state would overturn the law, saying, "Just as the Maine Constitution demands that all people are treated equally under the law, it also guarantees that the ultimate political power in the State belongs to the people.""

I had heard that this *might* happen this week, but with this sort of thing, I've taken a wait-and-see attitude if it really happens.  That brings the number of states up to 4 5(*) and NH looks like they have a similar bill that may pass later this month.

(*) Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa. And Vermont - how could I forget VT?  Oh yeah, right I live in NH.

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First post! yay! It's a wonderful rainy May day here in NH, which surprisingly I mean with no sarcasm - I like slightly wet spring days --- puddle jumping, and the like awaits!
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Interesting story from webmd about Guardasil (The cervical cancer vaccine)-

"Overall, the vaccine does not raise the odds of developing Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), a disorder of the peripheral nervous system, says Nizar Souayah, MD, of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark.

“But there is clear evidence from our database of an increased incidence of Guillain-Barre syndrome in the first six weeks, especially the first two weeks, after vaccination,” he tells WebMD."

Most people will have heard of Guillain-Barre syndrome as its one of the reasons you don't give young people aspirin anymore.

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..walking out my building, past the people waiting on their beloveds getting out of the methadone clinic, and seeing two women walking down the road in deep conversation - one walking her cute adorable pug, the other walking her cute adorable....goat. 

I did a double take on the animals at first I thought there were 2 dogs- one pug and one -- wait?? Dogs don't have horns? 

My mind went - wait, what? horns- check; upright long ears- check; brown vertical goat eyes - check, long hairy coat- check, obligatory bell around goat's neck - check - definitely a goat.

Not what I was expecting to see being walked on the side of a busy road.

It was bemusing to watch as the goat and the pug seemed to be best buddies too...and I could completely see them going off and having adventures together; perhaps with the goat getting them out of tight jams by eating their way out.


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