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The protagonists of the last three things you read/watched/played are the members of your zombie apocalypse team. How screwed are you?

* "Freakonomics" started watching this on Thursday and finished tonight... Two economists talk about the secret ways data and motivation work...not so great for fighting back, but might be useful for sifting through patterns to determine the cause of the outbreak.  Actually, its a really awesome / thought provoking movie that ranges from cheating in Sumo wrestling to motivating kids to get better grades to unexpected affects of policies.  

* "Neverwhere" watched last night; if I get Door plus Richard Mayhew...then I might be okay..especially with later on Richard Mayhew...but then people do sometimes die in that not so sure.  I'm still not sure what was up with the production value of that mini-series.. an A&E production in conjunction with the BBC...and times it was like an 80s high school art school project.

* "Rizzoli & Isles" watched the other day while picking up my place; hmm...a Boston cop and a medical examiner..well maybe the later can team with the economists; and at least the cop has a gun..something sorely missing from earlier in this venture.

Overall, I think I'm a little lacking in fire power and would be forced to run, and then try to logic the problem out by sorting through data and numbers...but with Door that's a bit less of a I think I'm fine as long as I get slow dumb zombies and not super fast smart ones...


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